Terms & Conditions

Article 1: In General

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS carefully before placing any orders on www.tawo-antwerp.com. The following Terms and Conditions exclusively refer to this website and to the items sold on it.

The following Terms and Conditions define the rights and obligations of all the persons involved in the selling and buying of products and services produced by TAWO.

General Information about TAWO, its headquarters located  on Verschansingstraat 40, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. VAT: BE06 88 794 921

Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about the bracelets or customer care via info@tawo-antwerp.com. Please, mention your full name, phone number, order number and the reason contacting us.

Article 2: Commercial Policy

TAWO sells products on www.tawo-antwerp.com and proceeds to its own online commercial activity exclusively for the website users, i.e. the website customers.

By “customers” we mean any individual who uses TAWO for personal use only. If you don’t match this description and if you are visiting the website as a professional, we invite you to abstain from completing transaction on our webshop.

If the B2B customer resells to any wholesaler or retailer outside his territory, he will have to pay damages and interests (a total repayment of the initial order and an additional 50 000€ fine).

Article 3: Information on orders and limits on our liability

The information given by the customer when ordering incurs his liability:

If there is a misinformation or a mistake in the customer’s delivery address, we couldn’t be hold responsible for the impossibility to deliver the products or if the products are delivered to an incorrect address.

By clicking on “Buy” during the ordering process and after having checked your shopping bag and modified it if necessary, the customer agrees to accept without restrictions the present terms and conditions. Orders will be accepted while stock lasts.

In case of stock shortage, this will be mentioned on the website before ordering. We will then find a replacement product, similar to the one initially ordered.

After the order confirmation step, the customer will have to proceed to a definitive payment.

After the order has been shipped, we cannot proceed to any order modification whatsoever.

TAWO Antwerp reserves the right to refuse an order made by a customer with who we would have engaged a litigation process.

Actual products may differ from the pictures present on TAWO. Customers must be aware of this and accept it.

TAWO can’t be hold responsible for the difficulties and problems on its website caused by a defective or slow Internet connection or due to an incompatible Internet browser.

Article 4: Prices and Payment

Products prices are displayed on the website in Euros (EUR - €). The prices include taxes but exclude Shipping depending on the order amount and Handling fees.

The prices displayed are always current prices.

The Shipping and Handling fees will appear automatically on the page when you will finalize your shopping bag. Those fees can differ from one destination to another and depend on the shopped amount.

If, for any reason whatsoever, the amount owed by the customer is impossible to charge, TAWO will not process the order.

For each credit card payment, the customer will be automatically redirected to a secure web page, which will ensure maximum security. 

Article 5: Shipping and Handling Fees

Delivery will occur if and only if the full amount due has been paid. Products will only be delivered at the customer’s address given at registration and in the delays mentioned during the ordering process.

Orders will be processed within 7 days following the customer's payment. The maximum delay is 30 days.

Those delays only apply to in-stock products.

TAWO cannot be held responsible if the delivery falls behind due to credit card authorization problems.

Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local customs office for further information.

If several orders are done during the same week by the same customer, we could allow our own shipping service to put all the orders into the same parcel.

Delivery times depend upon the country of delivery. TAWO will provide the customer a tracking number so that the parcel can be located at any time.

TAWO cannot be held responsible for the dysfunction of the tracking systems of our partners.

An impossibility to deliver for any reason whatsoever (wrong address, wrong name, no door code, etc.) will require a longer delay as the parcel will have to be returned before being sent again and an extra shipping fee will be charged upon the customer. In a case a refund of this parcel will be asked, the customer will only receive a refund worth the ordered product, without the previous paid shipping fee.

If the customer isn’t available when the parcel is delivered, the delivery driver will leave a calling card with instructions on how to pick it up. 

In the case of a delivery that has to be made in several times, i.e. several parcels sent, the customer will only have to pay the Shipping and Handling fees once.

Article 6: Confidentiality

TAWO certifies that the personal information required for registration and order processing will be kept confidential.

Article 7: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

TAWO is the property of Matthias Geerts and Dennis Van Peel.

The user doesn’t have the right to link to the website, on any other website, personal or not. The user doesn’t either have the right to copy or to recreate any of its contents.

Article 8: Returns, Exchanges and refunds

Returns, Exchanges and refunds will be processed after a formal agreement between the customer and TAWO Antwerp.


Any items returned must be in its exact original condition. All items will be inspected on return. The goods are the customer’s responsibility until they reach our headquarters.

The initial bill must be joined with any return whatsoever, in addition with the “Return” form (return form) which will precise the reasons of the return or exchange.

Return shipments are at our charge and can be done via the 'retour' page of www.tawo-antwerp.com

Returns may lead to a refund or an exchange according to the following terms and conditions: 


The customer has the right to return the bracelet within 14 days.

Within this period, you can have a full refund minus the shipping fee. Your money will be refunded on the credit card that was used to proceed to payment initially within 30 days.


ONLY defective items can be exchanged.

In the case of an obvious default of the item or non-conformity, the exchange will be free of charge for the customer. In that case the customer will either have a replacement product or, if it is not possible to do so, the customer will have a total refund.

Beyond the legal period of 14 days, TAWO Antwerp has the right to refuse the exchange or the refund.

Article 9: Litigations and Applicable Law

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS refer to the Belgian Law.