About TAWO

TAWO is an exciting new brand driven by two guys who aim to stand out, creating an impact that is environmentally sustainable. Knowing that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, we are continuously developing our brand to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only wanting to do better than the bigger brands in this, we want to inspire every single one of you to be aware of your purchases in order to save the planet from harmful textile waste. It’s our mission to grow this brand together, with our planet in mind. 


In 2018, we both wanted to create a silver-wear brand for men. An accessory that we couldn’t find ourselves, we started to design cuffs and rings on paper. With the help of a dear friend's parents in Amsterdam, we created our first TAWO pieces. Later that year we went to Jaipur, the city of Silver, in India to produce our designs in their little family factory. This is when TAWO was founded and we decided to start selling our creations online. These people are very close to our heart - they inspired us to build up a family-like community with a shared interest in beautiful jewellery. 

This is how TAWO was founded. 


All pieces represent who we are and what we stand for - for example, we choose to work with silver, one of our favourite materials. All of our pieces are hand & no other materials are added. After two collections of cuffs and rings, we expanded to include chains and earrings, and we will continue creating new features for you. TAWO does not only sound great, but it also feels awesome. It is an inspiring brand that celebrates uniqueness within every cuff and bracelet.


We don’t have retailers because we want to build our brand, our products, and especially our relationship with you before doing this on a larger scale. Building TAWO is a learning process - we believe in building a brand slowly and sustainably. That’s why our packaging is completely biodegradable and produced in Western Europe.